The Broan packaged equipment line features equipment of all different configurations and efficiencies. Our line boasts one of the most efficient gas/electric packaged systems - one for heating and one for cooling. In fact, the R8HE packaged system is the first (and ONLY) residential condensing gas/electric packaged unit.

Broan packaged equipment doesn't just offer exceptional performance. It also delivers worry-free performance. Each unit is backed by a 10-year parts warranty and Quality Pledge (after product registration).


Heating efficient and cooling efficient gas/electric packaged models

A dual-fuel model that promotes optimum year-round fuel usage

All-electric models (both air conditioners and heat pumps)

A range of efficiency options for any homeowner

Packaged Systems Offered by Broan HVAC

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Gas/Electric and Dual-Fuel Packaged Systems

Packaged Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Ready for a new packaged system?

All Broan HVAC systems includea 10-year all-parts
warranty and a 10-year
quality pledge*
*product registration is required

Learn more about Broan's 10-Year Parts Warranty and Quality Pledge

Interested in adding a labor warranty? Check out the Contractors' Preferred Protection Plan Labor Warranty