When winter frosts hit, a Broan gas furnace goes beyond keeping your home warm and cozy. It transforms your house into a home - a sanctuary protecting you from winters chill. Our engineers have crafted heating solutions that include the latest energy-saving technology and feature components that reduce operation noise while increasing comfort. Because when you're at home, you shouldn't be thinking about the weather outside; you should be focusing on the things that truly matter.

When you choose a Broan furnace, you're choosing long-lasting peace of mind. Before each unit leaves our factory, they've been thoroughly checked and run-tested to ensure they meet our rigorous quality standards.


A complete range of models for every comfort desire and budget

SmartLite technology for extended igniter life.

ENERGY STAR rated options for reduced utility bills and local rebate eligibility.

iSEER technology for a boost of cooling efficiency in addition to efficient heating

Outstanding 10-year Quality Pledge and 10-Year Limited All-Parts Warranty*

Gas Furnace Models Offered by Broan HVAC

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F Models

K Models

**If installed in the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD): This furnace does not meet the SCAQMD Rule 1111 14 ng/J NOx emission limit (14 ng/J), and thus is subject to a mitigation fee of up to $450. This furnace is not eligible for the Clean Air Furnace Rebate Program: www.CleanAirFurnaceRebate.com

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All Broan HVAC systems includea 10-year all-parts
warranty and a 10-year
quality pledge.*
*product registration is required

Learn more about Broan's 10-Year All-Parts Warranty and Quality Pledge

Interested in adding a labor warranty? Check out the Contractors' Preffered Protection Plan