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Control your high-efficiency HVAC system with the Broan Communicating Controller.

Ultra-high efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment needs a smart thermostat to match. The Broan iQ Drive® Communicating Controller works with highly-efficient iQ Drive systems for additional energy-savings and premium temperature control. This thermostat is able to "talk" to the indoor and outdoor components of your system and assess just how much heating or cooling output it needs at any given time. Your system can then make adjustments to those calculations.

Not to mention, your thermostat can tell you when a component of your system needs to be serviced. If it detects a problem with any of your equipment, it will alert you - allowing you to call a qualified technician before the problem can cause you too much of a headache. It knows which component is on the fritz and at what time it had the failure - making diagnosing and servicing problems easier.

Your high-efficiency system needs an intelligent thermostat. Talk to your local Broan contractor abut the high-quality iQ Drive Communicating Controller.

Broan iQ Drive® Controller
Patent-pending communicating iQ Drive controller for total home comfort. Works only with iQ Drive systems.
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