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iQ Drive®

Energy-efficient Broan iQ Drive® systems

If you are looking for an HVAC system that reaches peak energy-efficiency ratings, look for one of our iQ Drive products. These high-efficiency units use inverter-driven rotary compressors to vary capacity anywhere from 40-118% capacity. These modulation capabilities make it possible for iQ Drive units to use just the right amount of energy to heat or cool your home at a given time. Plus, these units come with additional dehumidification assistance, making them ideal for homeowners that live in climates where some dehumidification assistance is needed.

Our iQ Drive systems come in packaged system operations as well as split. Our gas pack is durable and strong - equipped with a wire coil guard coated in Earth-friendly epoxy. Since all of the components of your heating and cooling unit are contained in this one outdoor unit, it is important that the vital parts are protected from damaging hail, balls and more.

Choose from the options to the left to select the iQ Drive unit that is best for your home. For further assistance, get in touch with your local Broan contractor for quotes and installation on our high-efficiency iQ Drive systems.

Broan iQ Drive 20 SEER Air Conditioner Broan iQ Drive Gas Pack Broan iQ Drive Heat Pump
Ultra-high efficiency and exceptionally quiet. Ultra-high efficiency. One of the quietest, most efficient gas packs you can buy.
Ultra-high efficiency and exceptionally quiet.
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