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Selecting the right home heating system for your West Virginia home can be stressful. Should you choose a gas or electric furnace? Which efficiency level is best? Talk to your local home heating expert for advice.

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Having proper guidance throughout the home heating system selection process will be extremely helpful in terms of system satisfaction and, ultimately, overall performance levels (assuming the person recommending your home heating system is going to be the one that installs it). A quality contractor is going to be more than a technician who installs your unit - they are going to be your mentor during this important system decision process. Investing in contractor quality is crucial for ensuring overall system satisfaction. If you don't get the right system for your home, or if it is installed improperly, you could face costly repairs in the future. Or, you may even have to replace your new heating unit sooner rather than later.

To get your decision-making process rolling, explore the Broan knowledge base.

Address Your West Virginia Home Heating Needs with a Heat Pump

A gas furnace isn't always necessary to address the needs of your West Virginia home, particularly if you don't live in the mountains. A solution to mild winters, that also addresses hot summer temperatures, is a heat pump. A heat pump runs on electricity, like an electric furnace, but it is able to use less electricity when heating a home. When other electric heating methods, like heat strips or space heaters, heat a space, they have a create original heat. When a heat pump heats a home, it transfers heat from one air stream to another. This is just like the process an air conditioner uses but in reverse. When temperatures are warm, a heat pump is an air conditioner that provides exceptional cooling power, but when temperatures drop, the process is reversed to provide heat.

These units come in packaged and split-system setups that are great for any homeowner. If you do live in the mountains and need additional heating power, you can always invest in a dual-fuel system. Talk to your local West Virginia electric heat and gas furnace technician for details and advice.

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