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Your Delaware heating contractor is going to be the best person to talk to about installing a high-efficiency gas furnace.

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High-efficiency equipment may have steeper upfront costs, but they can help you save in the long run. Not only are these system an investment in a more eco-friendly future, but they are also a way you can save money on your heating bills from month to month. This means that although you may have to pay more at the initial point of installation, you could actually make these costs back, and potentially more, through efficient operation. However, no system is going to perform at peak performance levels if it hasn't been installed properly. Make sure to ask your contractor if they are trained to install high-efficiency equipment (like systems in the iQ Drive® line).

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Don't Let Delaware Winters Catch You Off Guard - Choose a Dual-Fuel System

Delaware is a small state with generally mild winter weather. But, because it is straddling the line between two climate zones, some areas can experience the bite of winter from time to time - the ocean isn't able to eliminate that completely. That is why a dual-fuel system works so well for Delaware homeowners. You can have all of the conveniences supplied with a heat pump (electric heating capabilities, multi-purpose operation, powerful cooling, etc.) in addition to the high-powered natural gas heating power supplied by a furnace. Although when people typically think of HVAC they picture an air conditioner and a gas furnace, a heat pump can be a great way to save money by reducing the amount of natural gas you use to heat your home - particularly in the spring and fall.

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