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Heat Pumps

Versatility and quality performance in one unit: Air source heat pumps.

Efficient air source heat pumps can be the best choice for homeowners residing in mild climates. These efficient HVAC systems, powered
by electricity, provide both heating and cooling power. Homeowners that choose Broan heat pumps get exceptional cooling power, economical heating and high-quality performance – all backed by the Broan 10-year parts warranty when the system is registered.

Our quality-built heat pumps come with features that make them more durable, even in harsh environments. For example, the finishes on
our louvered metal jacket resist corrosion 50% better than units with standard finishes. Increased resistance to corrosion has a positive impact on the lifespan of a heat pump system.

Tailor your heat pump search by efficiency and benefits by selecting from the filters on the left or contact your local Broan heat pump professional for quotes.

Broan iQ Drive Heat Pump Broan Packaged Heat Pump Heater Broan Heat Pump Broan Packaged Heat Pump Heater
Ultra-high efficiency and exceptionally quiet. High-efficiency convertible footprint packaged heat pump. Extra-high efficiency cooling and heating in a very quiet model. Extra-high efficiency packaged heat pump with two stages for superior home comfort.
Broan Heat Pump Broan iHybrid Gas Pack Dual Fuel Packaged Heat Pump Broan Packaged Heat Pump Heater Broan Packaged Heat Pump Heater
High-efficiency cooling and heating.
Our best packaged system. Extra-high efficiency with gas and electric heat for ultimate energy savings. Single-packaged heat pump with reliable heating and cooling in a small footprint. Reliable packaged heat pump in a large footprint.
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