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Cover all of Your Bases with Broanís Contractorsí Preferred Protection Plan

Replacing an old heating and air system with a brand new energy efficient Broan system can lead to better performance and comfort throughout your entire home. However, it can be the most expensive appliance in your home to replace. But, if you keep up with routine maintenance, you can have years of optimum performance and home comfort.

No matter how good your Broan system is, or how well you maintain it, there is always the risk of problems occurring, which can lead to the need to schedule a service call with a local contractor. By purchasing a Contractorsí Preferred Protection Plan from your Broan contractor, you will get protection from surprise repair fees. While your system may feature a parts warranty, it will not cover the cost of service labor. With a Contractorsí Preferred Protection Labor Plan, you can also cover unexpected labor costs that come with a repair.


The Broan parts warranty will not cover the labor costs during service and the replacement of a failed part. Because of the high cost of repairs to a system, a labor protection plan can potentially pay for itself during a single repair.

In North America, average labor costs can go anywhere from $75 to $150 an hour. If you invest in a coverage plan that covers labor, you can expect to not pay as much out of pocket. You can expect to recoup the costs of your labor protection plan during a single repair.

Download our Contractorsí Preferred Protection Plan brochure to get more information.

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Not all Broan dealers offer the Contractorsí Preferred Protection Plan. Make sure to ask your dealer about the labor warranties that they offer. If your dealer does, the company listing will have the shield icon on the dealer locator.

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