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Broan HVAC

We Don't Build Products. We Build the Industry.

Broan has a way of making the indoor environment a more comfortable place. A good thing, considering how much time is spent in the home. While you may not always know Broan products are at work, it's easy to see when they're missing: a foggy master bath, a stuffy family room, lingering aroma of last evening's dinner.

But it's more than comfort; it's a home that's healthier, too.

A well-ventilated home minimizes mold and mildew, and removes dust, allergens and other airborne irritants, promoting good Indoor Air Quality. Broan does all this beautifully, with high style products that are technologically advanced, quiet, and above all, dependable.

A Long History of Hardworking Innovation.

From humble beginnings in 1932, Broan has grown to be North America's largest producer of residential ventilation products. During World War II, Henry L. Broan was forced to scale back his manufacturing business, but kept the company alive by running it from his garage. A decade later, Broan Manufacturing Co., Inc. was one of the premier manufacturers of home ventilation, operating out of a 20,000-square foot facility.

Today, Broan is a name present in most North American homes. From ventilation fans to up to 20 SEER air conditioners, Broan creates high-quality indoor air.

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